I offer fixed professional fees for as little or as much work as you need – you are in charge at every stage. For typical matters, my fees excluding GST are set out below.

Before I start work in your matter, I will email you with a costs agreement that describes the scope of work I will do for the fixed fee, so that you know exactly what is included.

Court applications, property transfers and superannuation splits also have external costs that are in addition to my professional fees, such as court filing fees, land titles lodgment fees and fees your specific superannuation fund charges. In some circumstances, you may also need to use a process server to formally serve your ex-spouse with court documents. I will detail all of these external costs in the costs agreement I send to you. I will also advise you if you are eligible to apply for a reduction or exemption of any court filing fee in your particular circumstances.

Consultation by phone or video $150
Consultation in person $200
Consent orders:
Consent orders – property or children $2,475
Consent orders – property and children $3,875
Negotiation by correspondence:
Letter to ex-spouse or their lawyer $775
Financial agreement:
Financial agreement for non-complex financial arrangements $3,975
Financial agreement for complex financial arrangements $5,975
Implementation of consent orders or financial agreement:
Transfer of house $1,975
Superannuation split $775
Divorce application – no attendance at hearing $775
Divorce application – with attendance at hearing $1,975
Child support:
Child support agreement – binding or limited $1,975
"I wish I found you sooner. My biggest worry was the cost in legal fees of getting to the settlement. I hated not knowing how much my previous lawyer's invoice was going to be each month, it felt like a bottomless pit. I wish I'd had fixed fees from the get-go"