Understanding the basic child support formula

Parents have the choice to apply to the Child Support Agency for assessment and collection of child support payments, or to enter into a private agreement between themselves. If you go with a CSA assessment, they will use a mathematical formula to determine the appropriate level of child support. The underlying principle is that parents […]

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A tale of the absurd

A friend (who is also a family lawyer) recently shared this with me. We laughed because, whilst seemingly absurd, most family lawyers have similar stories to tell. Disputes over who gets custody of the dog are surprisingly common. Cats, not so much. Another classic that comes to mind is a dispute over who kept the […]

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Reaching agreement at mediation

Mediation is a formal negotiation process to help you and your ex-partner reach some agreement.¬†You can mediate about property settlement, about your children’s arrangements, or about both. How do you¬†maximise your chances of reaching an agreement at mediation? Key things include: Choose a mediator that plays to the strengths of your case While most mediators […]

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